Wiggle @ Redlight 9/21/07

12AM-2AM Set - Serato w/CDJ1000's - Ableton 6 w/Echo DJ into the mixer....Straight up fun.

ODB-Baby I Got(Wiggle Edit)White

Sinden-Red Hot(Orig) Atlantic Jaxx

Scratch Massive-Girls on Top(Breaks Mix) My Best Friend

Spektrum-Kinda New(Batty Bass Remix)

Aquasky-Have A Good Time(Sinden Mix) Passenger

Stanton Warriors-Shake It Up(Hook n Sling Remix)

Olav Basoski-Push Me(Remix) Rootz

Elite Force-Return 2 Mindfunk(Vandal Remix) Used&Abused

Koma&Bones-Medium Cool(Bassbin Twins Remix) Burrito

Atnarko Bear-Tunnel Vision(Orig) Rhythm Flow

Tetsuo-Disco Team(STOV Remix) Beautycase

Jane’s-One of Us(Wiggle Loopy Remix)White

Thorn-Aww Yeah(Orig) 5th Gear

Disconnection-No Love(Bassbin Twins Edit)

Bassbin Twins-808080(Wiggle Edit)

Meat Katie-Round & Round(Vandal Remix) Lot49

Andrew Friendly-The Bump n Grind(Krafty Kuts Remix) Gulp

Culprit 1-Tricks(The Rogue Element Remix) Exceptional

Elektronauts-Bumper(Plump DJ’s Remix) LaCerba

Phunk Warriors-Don’t Cha(Mark Wilkinson Remix) Kidology

Novy vs Eniac-Pumpin’-Kosmo

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  • This is mix is sick. How much of it was Serato & how much was Abelton?

    posted by: Tater on 2007-10-22 22:43:00

  • Pfft..you call that scratching? What happened to you man? Moved all digital & now you sound like everybody else. You USED to be sick...that crap made me sick. BRRRRR! Try again!

    posted by: Ray on 2007-10-03 00:07:00

  • Claire:Thanks. Yes, the sample is from Ritual. Sean:I am not booked to do anything in Old City. We have a one off up north at a high end lounge/restaurant called Chakra. A bi-weekly is in the works as well, but nothing is slated for Philly. Ray:I hear ya...my scratching does suck, BUT it always has sucked :) It would suck less if I practiced like I used to :)Digital has nothing to do with scratch performance...ask Jazzy Jeff or Jay :) Serato & Ableton are the future of DJ performance. Someday I will post all of my old rave sets..that will make you happy I am sure...and you will notice that my scratching sucked then as well..it just sucked in analog :)

    posted by: Wiggle on 2007-10-03 09:16:00

  • Great stuff here. We have been playing this in the store all week!

    posted by: Kerry L. on 2007-10-06 09:54:00

  • I was there :) This is on the warehouse tip, brought back so many good feelings. Good on ya & thanks. I was dancing & tutting my ass off during this. Your selection was sick. The only track that slacked the floor a little was the Aquasky one...kinda bootyish I guess. You are no JERSEY DEVIL! ;-) LOL Where are you next? Don\'t take another 5 years off.

    posted by: Bobby Semp on 2007-10-02 12:38:00

  • Bobby: Thank\'s man. Did you just throw down & compare me to Jersey Devil? Christos: I thought you mainlanded kid.It was Tracing Circles and OMG it wasn\'t a bad track I swear. The fact that I played the WHOLE freaking thing was bad. I heavily invested in it...and then the bartenders LOVED ME :)Ebb & Flow, yah know? Send me you Book info.

    posted by: Wiggle on 2007-10-02 15:14:00

  • I like how you think and would like to subscribe to your newsletter! Chills....full chills from the Jane\'s Addiction sample track. That is from Ritual de lo Habitual? Anyway...love this mix!

    posted by: Claire on 2007-10-02 16:11:00

  • Yo..sick! Someone said you are doing a lounge in Old City...true? Oh...did you happen to make an index file for the master?

    posted by: Sean on 2007-10-02 22:30:00

  • HOT!HOT!HOT! Bumper made the collective heads in the office explode....and then you went and dropped the fatality with Pumpin\'...sick bastard :) By chance, is this the same Wiggle from Toothpaste Productions? The \"Matt E. Silver\" events DJ Wiggle? If so, what ever happened to Dexter?

    posted by: Tom Bombadil on 2007-10-01 17:34:00

  • Thank You! Yes, this is that Wiggle :) The last I heard, Sean(Dexter), lived up in Brooklyn. M\'Out Wiggle

    posted by: Wiggle on 2007-10-01 21:25:00

  • Yo bitch, PHAT set!!!!

    posted by: Allai on 2007-10-02 07:15:00

  • Incredible. This will be eating up space on my iPod for ages :) I think I saw you down at one of the clubs near Canal years ago. You played late...just before Scott Hardkiss & his crazy guitar show. Was that you? Keep up the awsome casts....I think someone will be in touch with you soon. Kat

    posted by: Kat on 2007-10-02 12:28:00

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