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Oct 19, 2010

Another from the Vintage Vinegar Series - Live@Delerium 11/20/1998 - This was the first night we did for Area609 Joe :) Allen, Sean Deep, and I used to hold court at this venue. Mainfloor had one of the best sound systems around for a small venue...and they had some nice equipment for the area/time period :) With it's casino proximity, this place got thick after 2AM. Mostly breaks/breaky house/proggy breaks...ya know, breaks stuff.

M'out - Greg

Tim F
thirteen and a half years ago

Sweet old banger...was this the place that had the giant "Alice in Wonderland" chair right near the booth? How ya been man? Stronc told me you are pretty much out of the game, yes? You need to keep rocking it. So few good Philly area breaks bombers :)
Peace - Timmah