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Dec 26, 2009

A mix -n- match of tracks to dig on. Serato = Choices ;)
Breaky Electro Acid Fidget House with a dash of Prog.

Florence & The Machine - The Love (XX Remix)
Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance (Buraka)
On Spec - Knights of Columbos
Inertia VS. Speedy - Hypnotica
William Orbit - Water From a Vineleaf (Xylem Flow)
Nighttripper - Megatone
DJ Fixx - Old Skoolin'
Sleepy C & Dave Trance - It's Gone Daddy-O
RFresh - Get Fresh
Bassnectar - Bomb The Blocks (Majik Johnson Remix)
DJ Who - Crusher
Duji - Be Careful
Stanton Warriors - Want to Need To (Trente Moller Remix)
Rye Rye - Bang (Stanton Warriors Remix)
Calvertron VS. Banga - Like Dat
Jukey - The Way We Go
Dopefish - Beware The Big Bad Boy (Dub)
Tomcraft & Tim Healey - Real Smooth
Sub Focus - Move Higher
Dopefish - Common Loon (Dylan Holshausen Remix)
Bad Boy Bill - Falling Anthem (Herve's Mix)
Slim Fat Reducer - A Little Bit
Luke Dzierzek - Echo
Lykke Li - Time Flies (The Disco Pusher Remix)
Chris Coco - Albatross (Hybrid Remix)
Chemical Brothers - Fell Asleep From Day

M'Out - Wiggle

fourteen and a half years ago

I would take track advice from a retarded one eyed monkey before I took it from you Ray ;P

Sara @ aLoft
over fourteen years ago

You have such a strange, but awesome, combination of music on this one. It took 3-4 listens for this one to sink in, but I think this is even better than Redlight...and my Itunes tells me that I have played that 48 times now :)

fourteen and a half years ago

Nice...very varied...some wicked oldies. How\'s it been, eh?


fourteen and a half years ago

You really are on a Florence is a bit much...that song sucks.