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Apr 25, 2024

Spent a a bit of time putting this one together ;) Ripped a good bit of white label vinyl, cleaned it all up, and tried to get it leveled for the modern day smashfest of compression that exists today.
It's Rollers and Rippers with a touch of Jump Up.

M'Out Wiggle

MC GQ & Break - Whispers in My Ear(Break)
Aries & Stivs ft Cheshire Cat - Dubplate Style(Bou)
Wingz - Negative Space
Deekline & Specimen A Ft. Warrior Queen - Ride Pon It
BassDubbers - Pereo
Hologram - Fear
Annix - Ignite(Enei)
High Contrast - Time Is Hardcore(Breakage)
dj zinc - Shook Ones(VIP)
Turno - Play Times Over
DJ Trace - Ditch
Walkr - Blue Soul(Particle)
Future Cut - Midnight(Lunos VIP)
Culprate - Dawn
Benny L - Replicant
Deep Crisis - Dynamo
DC Breaks - Vendetta(AMC & Turno)
Iskia - Zaheer
Ed Solo - Bassline Growler
Marc C - Lyric Conductor
Bladerunner - War Dub
AMC - Bass
Crucifyme - Orchid
Marvellous Cain - War For 94(FreezeUK)
Trac & Beat Merchant - Back on My Griz
Zapya - Another One(VIP)
Vex - This Feeling
Jappa & Wish Master - Bass & Treble
Vinyl Syndicate - Man of Steel(Mattter & Motion Edit)
Fugees - Ready or Not(dj zinc VIP)
Fred V Wobbleboard
Sully - Extant
Bensley - Leaving