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Dec 31, 2018

We have been talking recently about how certain tracks shaped our styles. We both pulled out some notables and created some fresh edits of tracks we hammered floors with back in the day.

After all that, we just had to mush them into a crate with some "new'ish" stuff and stitched together our first B2B set in over...

Dec 14, 2018

Our Winter's long shadows creep into the crates. A few "trancy" bits here and there, but more driving for the most part.

M'Out - Wiggle

Pete Bones - The Cello
Gai Barone - Nexo (Luka Sambe)
Edu Imbernon & Droog - Smokefalls
Worakls - Salzburg
Pete Bones - Grizzly (Dave Trance)
Left/Right - Bloom
Nora En Pure - Riverward...

Nov 24, 2018

Settle in Boys and Girls. I pulled together a good bunch of tracks I've had percolating in my head for a while now. Long form mixes, sparse on the effects...let it roll on ya. Pulls me back to a time when Allen and I would run back to backs and tags for a good 8 hours :)

M'out - Wiggle

Khaen - Newmaker
Lane 8 -...

Oct 28, 2018

Only a short 6 year gap in my posting ;)




Firefly - Supernatural(UnNatural Matter&Motion Edit)
Marsh - Belle
AMR - Orchids
Aeron Aether - Release the Kraken
Nosk - Time
Platunoff - Time To Go
Left/Right - Falling
Affiliate - Change Your Mind
East Cafe - Flashback
Tenang - Ascent
Chris Lake -...

Oct 16, 2018

A mix of some old and some new stuff. Harmonic mixing across multiple genres of music. Some classics meet the new school. Enjoy!!

Here is the tracklisting:

Lykke Li – Dance, Dance, Dance (Illest Remix)

Kupon – Zoom In

Boris Brejcha – Basilisk

Boris Brejcha – Nothing Seems to Be

Alberth – Empusa

Dusty Kid –...