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Sep 29, 2020

I went ham on this one ;) Sounds of Simons, Firestone, The Edge, Ozone, and The Masquerade. Mid to late 90's Northern Florida sound...more trance and lighter on the piano breaks. Low 130's to high 130's.

M'Out - Wiggle

Bonobo&Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Heartbreak
Lastlings - Take My Hand(Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs)
Stanton Warriors - Still Here
DJ Who - Can You
Taim - Overtime(Aurbs)
DJ Icey - Your Love
Rob-E & Dave Gluskin - Afflicted
Ariana Grande Soy Latte - One Last Time(LeftRight)
Barely Royal - Fire in The Dark(Bunnie VIP)
DJ Phully – Jedi's Disco(FFS VS. HI8)
Yakuza - Busted(DJ Who)
Huda Hudia & DJ30A - Think About You
Rihanna Banana - Stay(Dave London)
Boston Bruins - Raise Ur Hands(DJ Icey)
Q Sound - Goodnight
M83 - Teen Angst(Matter & Motion Touched It)
Jem - Beachwood Canyon(Crystal Method)
Atnarko Bear - The Rhythm(Dave London & Huda Hudia)
Mike & Charlie - I Get Live
Tony Allen - Take Me Higher
Friction & Spice - Step Into My Dream
Journeyman & Barrcode - Broken Chord(Seth Vogt)
Friction & Spice-Go With The Flow VS Owl City-Fireflies
Wasted Crew - Overnight
Johnny Cage - Blindsided
Huda Hudia & Tony Faline - Are You Ready
Bahamut - Bumpin The Night(D-Love)