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Sep 27, 2022

The last part of my Summer Outro ;) I started collecting the tracks for this crate back in May. 191 tracks melted into 90 for the overall set. I smushed around a quite a few MatMo edits in this last part. The end tails up a bit in BPM. Breaks, Prog, and a touch of tech.

M'Out - Wiggle

Zodiac Childs-Channels
Diplo&TSHA-Let You Go
Lawrence Hart&OTUS-Crush
HAAi-The Sun Made For A Soft Landing
John Debo&DJ Icey-Patch by Patch
Brothers Of Funk-Your Love It Feels So Good
Mizzo-Bringin'88 Back
Damian Lazarus-Mountain
Henry Greenleaf-Formula
Sekret Chadow-Gimme A Funky Again
Bubble Couple-Get Up Now
Stanton Warriors-Fade
Ross From Friends-Love Divide
Fred Again-Angie(I've Been Lost)
Man Power-Vista
Tourist-Speak In Symphony
Audioglider-Flawlessly Imperfect
Sean MCClellan-Off Track(Ranj Kaler)
Levi Mann-Perserverance(Nickon Faith)
Sasha&Polymod-Full Circle
Robots With No Soul-Morning Glory(Eats Everything)
Third Son-Faint Harmonics
Fred Again-Jungle
Pepe-Sunup Swale
Kassian-No Clear Shape
SHM&Fred Again-Turn On The Lights Again
KH-Looking At Your Pager
Locked Groove-Variation 3
Jamie XX-Idontknow
Fred Again-Dermot(See Yourself In My Eyes)