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Mar 22, 2010

First half of a 3 hour broadcast. I was feeling kinda ravey...slam drops throughout and some classic seasoning. Check it out and drop any comments or questions @ this post or  wigglefunk[at]gmail[dot]com - The second half of this set will be up on the site in a week or so. Track-listings for my sets are always in the comments and/or lyrics section. I also have CUE sheets for almost every set I post, just ask.

Basement Freaks - Something Freaky (Wiggle Edit)

Midfield General - Disco Sirens (Wiggle vs Boy 8-Bit vs Blacklight Flashlight)

Uffie - MC's Can Kiss (Zombie Disco Squad Dub)

Felguk vs Tim Healey - Rio (Slyde Mix)

Bassbin Twins - EP1 - A2

Head Trip - Those That Can Dance

Freestyle - It's Automatic (Dastrix Mix)

Simply Jeff - Left Hook vs Temple of Dreams (Wiggle Edit)

DJ Funk - Work It

Bassbin Twins - Loop Food

SL2 - On A Ragga Tip

Detboi - Jump Up n Down (TS Edit)

Tom Piper & Wax Motif - 808

Afrojack - Check Die Beat

Boy 8-Bit - Fogbank (TS Edit)

Fake Blood - Mars (Jack Beats Mix)

Alex Kidd - Party People Get Ill

P.E.S.T - Rave Box

Dan Black - Symphonies (Dada Life Mix)

TV Rock - In The Air (A1 Bassline Mix)

Bassbin Twins - Rockin With The Best

Alienage - I Said

Moguai - Lyve

Issi Noho - First Snow (General Midi Remix)

over fourteen years ago

You are correct Ray..Issi Noho - First Snow (General Midi Remix)

Tweadle Deadle
over fourteen years ago

Been loving the sets since guys are posting more frequently! Keep it up. @Wiggle:Dada Life remix of Symphonies is MONEY....PEST is MONEY!... You used a bunch of older stuff as well...the kiddies will not know a damn about it..heheh...I doubt you have many kiddies listening anyway :)

over fourteen years ago

I am starting to really like the new sound you are playing. Also, I think you left out a track in the list..After Moguai, there is another breaky type track.