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Nov 21, 2019

This mix is very West Coast inspired. Achy Breaky yo! Lots of aired out melody, a little lush and trance'ish, but not OG piano breaks. Mid 120's up to 130.

M'Out - Wiggle

Gridlocked-Balancing Act(Retroid)
Carl Finlow-Veiled
Andain-Beautiful Things(Josh Gabriel)
Ease Drop-East Drop

Nov 12, 2019

Breaks & Progressive...Fall in ;)

M'Out - Wiggle

AMR-Silver Lining
ODESZA-Across The Room(Durante)
The Dualz-Burn in the Sky
Barry Jamieson-303's in Love(Shiloh)
Eelke Kleijn-Lost Souls(Nicolas Masseyeff)
Rue & Alastor-Contact(Gallago)
Zigan Aldi-Magenta(Lunar Plane)
Anderholm ft...