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May 28, 2010

For this Memorial Day weekend, we at Matter & Motion would like everyone to remember DJ Korn's, "Korn Pops".

Being that the odds against him recording another set this millenia are 44 trillion to one, we hired Indiana Jones to go and snatch this treasure out of an ancient vault. Enjoy was hard to get :)


May 16, 2010

I would like to thank my friend, Ahmed Hamdy, for letting us rebroadcast this awesome set.

& Here's The Tracklist ..

[00:00] 01. Yousef - Come Home

[09:00] 02. Dominik Eulberg - Daten-Übertragungs-Küsschen (Rodriguez Jr. Mix)

[15:00] 03. Namatjira - Late At Night (Chloe Harris Remix)

[22:00] 04. Xaric - Istanbul (Ryan...