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Jan 31, 2020

Quirked and kinked house & progressive. Rolls deep on the slower side, with some MatMo edits swimming around in there. I figured I should kick you in the Feels at then end of January ;) 

M'Out - Wiggle

Coma-Lora(Robag's Fandara)
Sohn-Rennen(Dixon Retouch)
Moderat-Bad Kingdom(Robag Edit w DJ Koze)
Robag Wruhme-Nata Alma

Jan 14, 2020

This is what I would have played at either Reminisce or Everlast, the tribute parties to 90s Rave Culture.  Some originals, some remixes, some Matter&Motion edits of classics from that time period.  Enjoy!!

1) Dylan Rhymes - Naked and Ashamed (Matter&Motion's Ashamed of AfroJack edit)

2) Underworld - REZ (High Contrast...